This Island?

“Faresmathoda” is the childhood home of the founder and CEO here at Brise Paradise. This island is found in a geographically incredible location. The hotel is set to become the heart of the island and is the first big step in our journey.

With a domestic airport located on the island, travelling is easy! Take a direct flight to the hotel from Velana International Airport and you’re set. The domestic airport in the island is set to come into operation during November 2022.

Limitless exploration of the uninhabited islands, recognized surfing spots and beautiful reefs that are well preserved over the years.

Some of the most beautiful reefs for scuba diving or just free diving.

A community rich in culture and hospitality. A place for everyone to feel comfort and the peace you deserve.

The land has already been acquired by the project team for the hotel construction.

A must see and A must experience!
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Haisham - Founder & CEO
Gaaid - Co-Founder
Crypto Engineering Partner