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Brise Paradise

A unique adoption of Decentralized Financing (DeFi) by a tourism startup, based in Maldives. $PRDS is a lifestyle token, aimed at bringing leisure and luxury to your life. Construction of our own Hotel in Maldives to increase the utility and adoption of the project.

Mixing traditional Maldivian decor and modern furnishings, all 18 air-conditioned guestrooms enjoy views of the garden, beach or sea. All are equipped with a flat-screen TV. The private bathrooms of each room have a shower, slippers and dental kit. Ideal for budget vacationing with your family or friends.

Aimed to become a prominent crypto hub in the coming years, you can benefit by becoming an early stage investor. The hotel will be the initial step toward realizing our larger objectives in the next phase.

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Token Information

Here’s what you need to know about $PRDS

The token will have a total supply of 1,000,000,000 supply of which 10% is allocated for advisors and partners while 35% was sold during public ICO and 35% have been locked on a DEX as liquidity. 20% for Dev & Marketing wallet to finance certain aspects of the business operations, mainly to be used for the Phase II of the project. The smart contract is developed on the Bitgert Blockchain, Fast, secure and scalable ecosystem building the world’s first zero gas fee Blockchain.

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Brise Paradise Feature

Complete Solutions
for lifestyle

$PRDS is a lifestyle token, aimed at bringing leisure and luxury to your life. Construction of our own Hotel in Maldives to increase the utility and adoption of the project.


The Hotel will bring a significant revenue to the business to ensure everything is sustainable and moving progressively.



Bringing real world assets to the blockchain through asset tokenization.


Mobile App

A lifestyle mobile app to bring even more utilities and use cases to the token


Private Island Resort

Private Island resort would bring everything to the next level where the business revenue would increase by x10 compared to the hotel and manual burning and other key reinvestments to the token will double in comparison to the Hotel revenue.


How to Buy

Brise Paradise

Step 1
Connect your wallet

Add Brise Mainnet to your MM as per below RPC Mainnet: https://rpc.icecreamswap.com ChainID: 32520 Block Explorer: https://brisescan.com/

Step 2

Bridge your BEP20/ERC20 USDT to Bitgert Mainnet (https://app.multichain.org/#/router)

Step 3

Swap for Brise and buy $PRDS: https://thesphynx.co/swap/32520/ 0xDe14b85cf78F2ADd2E867FEE40575437D5f10c06

Step 4

You can also buy PRDS from Bibox Exchange or directly from our website via Ember checkout with Native Brise

Holder Perks

(Hold for 8 month with no Sells)


Hold 80,000+ PRDS

3 days will be free of charge from 5 days booking


Hold 200,000+ PRDS

4 days will be free of charge from 5 days booking


Hold 500,000+ PRDS

7 days booking completely free

Road Map

The Journey of
Brise Paradise

Stage 1
Q1 2022

Website launch
Token Presale
Token Launch on DEX

Stage 2
Q2 2022

CEX listing
Start of Hotel Construction

Stage 3
Q3 2022

Governance NFT Collection launch

Stage 4
Q4 2022

Online Travel agency development starts

Stage 5
Q1 2023

OTA MVP launch
Start of Hotel Construction

Stage 6
Q2 2023

Hotel construction continues

Stage 7
Q3 2023

Hotel opening event details
Partnerships with other OTAs such as Agoda, Booking.com, Airbnb etc

Stage 8
Q4 2023

Hotel opening event
Start of Hotel operations

Team Members

Our Amazing Team


Founder & CEO


Crypto Engineering Partner

Strategy advisors

Private Investors

Our Partner

Aksed Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers

Please check this FAQ first before contacting us.

01. What is Brise Paradise about?

Brise Paradise is a lifestyle project existing on the Bitgert Blockchain. A company started in Maldives adopting tokenization to raise capital through various digital products of the company such as the token $PRDS and various NFT collections.

The company is leveraging the growing industry of tokenization by tokenizing a luxury hotel in Maldives for tourism activities through the governance NFT collection while launching various other collections to be more accessible to the entire community. The project’s token $PRDS was launched on the Sphynxlabs DEX after a successful presale during April 2022 raising over USD 700,000.

02. What are the current products of the Brise Paradise?

o The Token $PRDS itself is a product of the company to increase the brand value and establish prominence as a leading crypto project.
o The Hotel will become a real world use case product of the company attached to the token which will establish adoption and utilities to $PRDS
o PRDS Marketplace: To be an app for hosting and lodging – primarily for tourism activities where users can become hosts and host their properties from around the world to earn passive crypto income by renting properties.
o Private Island Resort in Maldives by acquiring an uninhabited island for lease from the government of Maldives during phase 2 of the project. The resort will be the game changer for the token as this will take the token to places the holders can only dream of.

03. What are the benefits of holding or buying $PRDS?

We will be continuously observing the market and community needs to ensure our holder perks and other benefits designed for the $PRDS holders are the best of the best for everyone. Furthermore, the token is set to grow exponentially over the coming years with the company’s strategic plans such as reinvestments of business profits to the token while continuously growing the token’s market capitalization to ensure we remain a competitive crypto currency within the ecosystem. There will also be more product launches in the future as well to become a prominent business within the Web3 industry.

04. How many times a year can I redeem my perks?

Once every 8 months as that’s the duration for each cycle.

05. Is there a minimum booking period to avail the perks?

Yes, each perk requires you to book for a minimum of 5 days except for the Diamond holders.

06. After holding for longer periods, can I accumulate each cycle’s perks and go for a longer period?

Yes, you may accumulate for a maximum of 2 cycles (16 months) before it resets. You can book for minimum 8 days to be eligible to combine both cycle’s perks for Gold tier and minimum 10 days have to be booked to avail the Platinum tier.

07.What is given free under the perks?

o Booking fees.
o Each day one guest will get 2 meals free (for the holder tiers Platinum and Diamond)
o You can bring along a companion to stay with you (or even with family)
o Each room will accommodate for 2 adults normally
o Family rooms will accommodate 2 children and 2 adults.
o Travel and other expenses to be borne by the guest as room charges will be waived off under the perks.

08. Are there other free benefits with the perks?

You’ll be able to enjoy a free stay at our hotel. With free 2 meals each day for the holder. Just book your flight and you’re set. We’ll have a restaurant within the Hotel so you can dine in anytime and a coffee bar on the rooftop so you can enjoy the view and watch the sunrise/sunset while relaxing on the sunbeds or at the coffee shop on the rooftop. You may combine holder perks with one of the NFT collection perks if you hold a Brise Paradise NFT.

09.How do I get to redeem the perks if prior booking is required?

We’ll have such an interface developed where you can check your eligibility and redeem redemptions with your wallet address during the booking. Your wallet will be verified during check-in at our reception as well.

10. Question: When is the resort coming?

After completion and opening of the Hotel; Phase 1 of the project will be completed. This is when we’ll move to the bigger phase which is Phase 2: Development of our private island resort after acquiring an uninhabited island from Maldives.

11. Can I combine the Hooked Collection NFT perks and holder perks during my stay?

Yes, you can enjoy the benefits of holding PRDS and holding the Hooked Collection NFT during your stay with us.

12. During the stay, can I combine the BPYC NFT holder perks while availing holder and hooked NFT perks?

The BPYC perks and PRDS holder perks can be redeemed together during a stay. Although you cannot redeem two NFT collection perks during one stay as you will need to choose which NFT collection’s perks you will be availing during a stay when checking-in to the hotel.

13. What is the Hooked NFT Collection of Brise Paradise about?

The Hooked Collection resembling our marine life is here to raise awareness to protect and love the ocean and its rich ecosystem. The collection will carry unique traits and use cases for when the holder visits our properties, or within our Marketplace and on other services PRDS will offer as per the roadmap. Perks of holding an NFT from the collection will include discounted recreational activities at the hotel, discounted souvenirs, access to certain features of the marketplace. This will be a limited series collection.

14. What are the utilities of the Hooked NFT Collection?

1. 10% Discount on all drinks you purchase during your stay
2. Discounted Surf Trips to internationally recognized breaks nearby the hotel island
3. Complementary Bottle of Premium Wine upon arrival for holders of more than 20 Hooked NFTs.
4. Discounted Fishing and Excursion trips
5. Discounted private tours to the nearby uninhabited islands for exploring and enjoying the private beaches
6. Discounts on snorkeling and Diving gears and activities
7. Earn rewards on the PRDS marketplace when you make a booking.

02. Where is the hotel located at 2?

The hotel is being constructed at an inhabited island in the biggest atoll of Maldives, the Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll. Located in the southern region of the country, the island is called Faresmaathoda, located at an incredible location geographically. Chains of uninhabited islands nearby at walking distance to explore, spend private quality time or even to enjoy the private beaches. The underwater beauty of the area has been well preserved for over the years with breathtaking underwater reefs and life for you to explore on your snorkeling trips or even scuba diving experiences. The area is also famous for its amazing surf breaks nearby where surfers are drawn to from all over the world.

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